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The POS System for takeaways and restaurants that helps run the entire business smoothly.

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Point of Sale - An all-in-one EPOS system for takeaways and restaurants

The perfect POS System for Takeaways

An all-comprehensive solution to help you handle your entire business from one system!

  • Take online and offline orders
  • Assign and manage drivers
  • Manage staff account with order details
  • Create coupons and send offers to your customers

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This Point of Sale (EPOS) comes with an online ordering portal and app

Let's take you where your customers are

Transform your business with a branded website online ordering and app that adds a new revenue stream without adding extra costs.

  • Seamless POS Integration
  • No Commision on orders
  • SEO Optimized Website
  • Real-time Order Tracking

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Fast processing secured payment gateway

Get paid on time, every time

Faster payments, secure gateway, shorter queues, looks like it's the day when dreams come true! Our takeaway management system comes partnered with a trusted online card processing and data management company that keeps your money safe and secure.

  • Contactless payment
  • Multiple payment options
  • Secure Payments
  • Take payments from anywhere

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Actionable reports and analytics with Touch2Success EPOS

Know your customers better

Access valuable data for every order you receive on your takeaway POS or the management app called the My Takeaway App. Learn your customers’ preferences, and anticipate their needs even before they mention them.

  • Daily, weekly and monthly sales reports
  • Data-driven insights and conclusions to grow more
  • Analytics that know your customers all too well

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EPOS with the best support team and technical expertise in the UK

We have got your back, always

You come first for us. It has always been important for us to outdo ourselves and others when it comes to creating a seamless experience and support for you, no matter from where you reach out.

  • We are always just a call away
  • Live chat, even for a quick catch up
  • A dedicated Account Manager with you, throughout

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Takeaway management app for iPhones and Android mobiles- Stay connected to your POS

Turn into a Smart Restaurant

The Restaurant feature on our POS system for restaurants makes most of your in-store operations—starting right from a customer entering your restaurant to leaving—tech-driven, fast, and error-free.

  • Customise the seat arrangements
  • Take categorised food orders
  • Print based on location
  • Accept different payment modes

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EPOS with the best support team and technical expertise in the UK

Delivery Update On Fingertips

The AI-driven, delivery-update bot feature could change the way your customers look at your service efficiency. Offer them the most realistic and practical delivery time on a click when they ask for the status.

  • Snooze the update request
  • Update order status
  • Send expected delivery time
  • View snoozed list at once

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