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Measure customer experience to offer magnificent service

Get meaningful insights to improve customers’ satisfaction and overall experience.

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How it works - Quick, Simple & Easy

Customer places the order

Customer places the order
and collects it

Customer gives feedback on the Kiosk

Gives feedback on the Kiosk
placed in the store

You get real-time insights on POS screen.

You get real-time insights
on your POS screen

Customer Feedback kiosk for takeaways and restaurants

Gain meaningful insights

Focus on what your customers think about your business and service. Gain insights and delight them every time.

  • Real-time reporting
  • Improved customer analytics
  • Customer satisfaction score

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Customise your feedback questions and surveys

Customise the way you want

This super-intuitive, in-store survey kiosk for customer feedback is easy to install and customisable.

  • In-built survey templates
  • Customise survey questions
  • Automated feedback processing

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Easy to use feedback kiosk for customers

Easy to use

Unlike other survey methods that collect feedback outside the premises, the Kiosk enables customers to share quick reviews while collecting the order.

  • One tap survey process
  • Highly interactive
  • Visually appealing

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