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Seamless integration between your point of sale and payment gateway for fast and easy transactions.

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World-class merchant services with Datman - a trusted online merchant provider

Get paid securely, get paid regularly

We have partnered with Datman - a trusted online merchant provider to give you world-class merchant services and a safe payment gateway for your customers.

  • Easy registration
  • The highest level of data encryption
  • A unique merchant ID and password
  • No VAT

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Online banking option with transaction details on POS and takeaway management apps

All the information on a single interface

Our POS systems come integrated with the merchant services. The online banking feature on the system helps you move your funds in your bank account swiftly and keeps a tab on all your transactions

  • Easy refund process
  • Smooth transfer of funds
  • Revenue statement and performance analysis
  • Access all kinds of transactions

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Multiple payment methods - Credit & Debit cards, Contactless card payment, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Pay by Link

Shorter queues, happier customers, more payments

Enjoy more speed and flexibility in taking payments than ever! Our PDQ device allows you to accept every kind of payments from your customers in the most efficient way.

  • Credit & Debit card
  • Contactless card payment
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Pay by Link

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24/7 support for payment inquiries ensures quick resolutions

Dedicated Support 24/7

Talk to us regarding any queries and concerns you have. From registrations, payments, to refunds; anything you want us to address - Just ask.

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Modify account details, anytime
  • Walk-through the sign-up process
  • Assured prompt reply for all your queries

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