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Touch2Success PDQ device provides a state-of-the-art technology to accept card payments with confidence.

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Our PDQ device comes with contactless card payment, Apple Pay and Google Pay - allowing your customers speed and flexibility when they come to pay. The device helps you have shorter queues, happier customers and more payments.

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Secured contactless payment method

We are contactless

This feature in our device uses the technology that recognises electronic data without the customer's signature or personal identification number.

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PDQs integrated with Datman merchant payment gateway services

All your money in one place

Our PDQ device comes integrated with Datman. Therefore, every online transaction happens in one account.

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Easy to use PDQ devices. Easy to install and easy to process transactions.


The PDQ device is easy to use. From the installation to making your first transaction, the process is very simple.

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Countertop and Wireless PDQ card terminals for you to suit your takeaway needs

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Every business is different. That's why we have Countertop and Wireless card terminals for you to choose from.

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Quick set up and easy to install payment terminals

Quick set up and Easy Install

Each machine can be self-installed and comes with an easy to follow instruction guide. In case you need assistance, our support team is just a call away!

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