Engage your customers three times better!

A 3-in-1 revolutionary Digital Menu Board for Takeaways & Restaurants that creates a high-quality customer experience and drives sales in a captivating way.

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Did you know that the TV screens in your takeaway can turn into 3 powerful tools for your business in a fraction of second?

Digital Menu Screen

Grab the attention of your customers by showing beautiful food pictures or videos, run slideshows of combos and offers, promote latest deals or just put up your menu, do everything without missing a beat!

Kitchen Display System

Turn your TV into an order view screen for the kitchen. Check orders and their time of delivery. What more? When an order nears completion, the screen notifies the staff. Efficiency = Check!

Delivery Management Screen

Keep a close eye on driver takings and their status with a live screen that shows all your drivers' location in real-time, along with their order details. Your Delivery Management just got a whole lot easier!

High-resolution digital boards best suitable for takeaway and restaurant menu display

Turn your Menu into a powerful selling tool

Our Digital Board influences customer purchase decisions quite subtly. It helps restaurants cross-sell, upsell, and promote the sales of key menu items. You can easily introduce new menu items and promotions by turning the board into a Menu display board.

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Digital boards for takeaways to showcase popular dishes, menu and day specialities

Customise your offerings instantly

Did we tell you how fast and easy it is to customize what you want to showcase on the screen? Well, you can show off your day's specials, offer items, and your top-selling dish, all in just 30 seconds - A food menu board that has so much going on!

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Touch2Success high-resolution digital boards for takeaways and restaurants

Enhance your customer experience

Show off reviews by customers, or the latest social media mentions you got, put up quotes by industry influencers, and whatnot, on your Digital Menu board for Takeaway. Makes it more rewarding for your customers, isn’t it?

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High-resolution digital boards from Touch2Success, UK's leading takeaway solutions provider

Save on advertising cost

Endorse your takeaway and everything that you have to offer, without spending a lot of money on advertising. Have a restaurant food display and feature new deals every day on the screen and save printing cost and much more!

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Touch2Success digital boards for kitchen display

Never miss an order

We know how busy it can get in the kitchen. The Kitchen display feature helps the staff to prioritise their cooking based on the delivery time, ensuring that your customers get what they ordered on time, every time.

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Digital display boards for delivery management

Food Delivery made easy

You can also turn the display into a delivery management screen from your point of sale system. Track the food delivery in real-time right from your kitchen floor to the customers' doorstep.

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