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This app was designed for you to manage your EPOS through your mobile phone or any other hand held device. Like a miniature epos system if you like, so you can manage and monitor your business when you’re on the go.

Daily reports; view your daily reports at a touch of a button from anywhere in the world

Create discounts; directly from your takeaway app

Monitor your bills; check your balance and billing with ease

Delivery charges; customize and change your delivery charges from your app

Live customer service chat; Interact with our customer service team through live chat

Customer Reviews; activate or hide reviews on your website

Order tracking; keep track of your orders from wherever you are.

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Order tracking delivery management. You or your drivers can assign orders quickly. You can manage your drivers from your system. Drivers can see if the order is paid or not. Orders can be completed in a touch.

This app was designed for the delivery driver so he can manage his deliveries with ease. ou to manage your EPOS through your mobile phone or any other hand held device. Like a miniature epos system if you like, so you can manage and monitor your business when you’re on the go.

Pin point customer location; drivers can see the pin point location from their mobile phone, allowing them to manage and monitor their orders with ease.

Text message;drivers can give real-time updates to customers on the order status through a text message,

Track driver; keep track of your drivers location at any time while they are on deliveries.

Tap to call; built in customer telephone number so the driver can contact the customer if he needs to.


Control a massive amount of settings and view your takeaway status on your phone
My Takeaway App Details

take reservations for your restaurant through the system
View Reservations Details

Promote your site by sending SMS to customers ordering over the phone
Offline SMS Details

Send an SMS to customers to remind them of your business and website
Auto SMS Details

Set postcodes to charge what you want, include and exclude any postcodes you want
Delivery Charges Details

ban problem customers by IP, phone number or address.
View Ban Customer Details

Online Ordering Website – Your own unique website with 0%
Commission on all online orders. View Online Ordering Website Details

Photo Gallery – Show off your establishment and delicious food to customers.
View Photo Gallery Details

Online Order Tracking – Customers can track their order and see how long before delivery. View Online Order Tracking Details

Late Order Notification – Never miss an order again, you’ll receive a text alert on late orders.
View Late Order Notification Details

Customer Reviews – Let customers tell others what they think’s good about your food and service.
View Customer Reviews Details

Pay By Card Facility – Take secure card payments from customers on your website.
View Pay by Card Details

Live Support – We’ll handle any issues customers have on your website.
View Live Support Details

iPhone and android App – Let customers order via their iPhone, iPad or Android device.
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SMS Marketing – Send promotional text messages direct to your customers.
View SMS marketing Details

Late Order Messaging – Send a text in seconds to let a customer know there order is delayed.
View Late Order Messaging Details

Emails – Have a professional email address @ your business address.
View Emails Details

Customer Database – Store and access all of your customers details in seconds.
View Customer Database Details

Customer Map – Find out where customers are ordering from, and where they aren’t.
View Customer Map Details

Statistics – View daily/monthly/selected timeframe stats, the type of orders coming through, as well as best sellers – delete all your stats in one click
View Statistics Details

Driver Takings – Find out what each driver owes you at the end of each shift. View Driver Takings Details

Delivery Directions – Get directions to your next delivery, view them on a map or print them. View Delivery Directions Details

Customer Map – View who has and who hasn’t ordered recently, via an interactive map. View Customer map Details

Coupons – Create discounts or offers to entice customers and keep them coming back.
View Coupon Details

Bake Line – Let your chefs see what order’s next via the order queue.
View Bake Line Details

Waiting Time – Show customers an estimate of how long their order will take
View Waiting Time Details

Franchise Management – Manage your franchise via one website, customers can select their nearest store.
View Franchise Management Details

Remote Access – Access your system from anywhere with an internet connection.
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