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Our PDQ device comes with contactless card payment, Apple Pay and Google Pay - allowing your customers speed and flexibility when they come to pay. The device helps you have shorter queues, happier customers and more payments.

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We are contactless This feature in our device uses the technology that recognizes electronic data without the customer's signature or personal identification number.

All your money in one place Our PDQ device comes integrated with Datman. Therefore, every online transaction happens in one account.

User-friendly The PDQ device is easy to use. From the installation to making your first transaction, the process is very simple.

Options to choose Every business is different. That's why we have Countertop and Wireless card terminals for you to choose from.

Quick set up and Easy Install Each machine can be self-installed and comes with an easy to follow instruction guide. In case you need assistance, our support team is just a call away!

Support Our Customer Support team is available to address your queries and concerns.

Happy customers The efficiency that a PDQ device brings in processing your payment also helps in reducing the queue time for your customers.

Easy to Signup We just need a bank statement for a limited company to sign you up.


PDQ as in "Process Data Quickly" is a card payment machine that processes debit/credit card transactions safely and efficiently.

Nowadays, card payments are preferred over cash payments in the UK because of the simplicity and efficiency the card machines bring. It has become vital for businesses to own a debit /credit card machine. With a card machine, you can also accept contactless payments - making it easier for your customers and you.

We offer a range of card terminals to suit a variety of businesses:

Countertop This PDQ device is installed right next to your till. The device comes with a LAN cable which is to be plugged into a power source. This device can also be connected to your broadband connection. A perfect solution for businesses that process transactions in one place only.

Wireless Wireless PDQ is a handheld device which doesn't have a cable connection. It connects to WiFi and can work. It comes with a base unit that charges the device by simply putting on it. This device is perfect for businesses that require a lot of mobility.

It differs from one client to other. The faster the documents are provided, the faster the process will happen. Usually, it takes anywhere between 3-10 days to process the applications and get approvals.

A merchant account is an account arranged between a retailer, a merchant bank/financial institute and a payment processor for settling debit/credit card transactions.

You will be paid within 3-5 days of the transaction. If you hit 10 card payments you will be paid in a lump sum rather than multiple small payments.

Well, no problem! If you already have a Merchant Service Account, we will supply you a device from any bank in the UK, assembled and ready to go.

We love simplicity, which is why our PDQ devices are very easy to install. And in case you need assistance, our support team is just a call away!

Yes, of course! All of our PDQ machines come with the contactless feature.

Our PDQ terminals accept all major VISA and Mastercard credit/debit cards. In addition, we also support, Apple Pay and Google Pay

In situations like duplicate billing, card expiration, bank error, customer dispute, etc, when a transaction is reversed and the funds are debited from your account, means a chargeback has been initiated.

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