Team Touch2Success

T2S over the years has expanded and grown dramatically through the help of our dedicated teams and loyal customers. We feel it's important to provide the best quality of service to our clients by ensuring we employ the best and provide a continuous training program for our staff. We now have three branches around the world and have plans to increase more within the coming years. We have separated each department for each section of our services to ensure quality and efficiency is provided to our customers.


Inbound and outbound sales teams will help you understand why T2S is one of the best EPOS and Online Ordering services companies out there.

Automation & Testing

For testing and automation solutions

Manual Testing Team

This team works solely on testing our hardware and software. The manual testing team plays and integral part


To deal with all your technical issues so that your service is running smoothly all the time.


Will create and update your website for you, keeping your business looking hip and fresh all the time!


Will add all your items and meal deals to your website so your customers can find your items with ease.


Designed to help you manage your traffic by answering your phone calls on your behalf from our headquarters. Saving you time and money on staffing.

Customer Services

Our voice team will deal with any queries you may have with our service and will be able to help with any billing issues too.

Customer Services
(Non voice)

Our non voice team handles three different sections of your business on your behalf to make sure your customers get the responses they need.

IT and Development Department

Touch2Success has driven forward within the very competitive EPOS and Online Ordering sector successfully due its commitment and continuous investment in technology / infrastructure and more importantly hiring the right people throughout its various departments.

Our greatest asset is undoubtedly our people who through their expertise and dedication, push the company onwards to reach new levels and conquer new milestones.


Within our IT and Development Departments we have expert talent in the following disciplines from Junior to Senior and up to Architect level positions.

Web Design - We employ a dedicated team of designers who liaise with Account Managers providing professional unique sites whilst maintaining the necessary ecommerce principles that aid online success.

They ensure that all of the responsive websites have a modern user friendly feel tailored to the food industry and designed specifically to enable quick ordering and repeat / recurring online revenue for our takeaway partners, delivering the business growth they aspire to, as well as providing the customer a pleasant smooth ordering experience.

Web Designers

Have commercial experience in front end design for responsive websites, as well as mobile apps, using applications such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript and JQuery.

QT/ QML / C++ Developers

Our latest software launch was our flagship Fusion 8 software which has been an astounding success, this was developed in C++, Qt and Qml. QT being a cross platform framework provided us with a robust yet versatile foundation. We have a dedicated team of Junior to Senior Software Developers

  • Expert level Core C++ experience
  • Solid Qt5 / Qml Framework experience (QtLinguist, QJson, QWebEngine, QNetworkAccessManger etc)
  • Solid understanding of Multi-Threading and Serial Port communication
  • Knowledge of Basic Networking : TCP /IP
  • Confident with automated Unit testing: QTest, CUnit or Google Test.
  • Proficient in RESTful API’s
  • Package management: i.e recompiling Qt & Qt independent packages
  • Unwavering debugging and problem solving with GDB, QDebugger or Valgrind.
  • C++ & QML profiling with Callgrind or similar
  • Experience with complex Low level and High level development (including UI) in QML
  • Qt5 Mobile development & Cross compilation ( Android, iOS, Linux, Windows )
  • Confident linux OS & Command knowledge: cURL, SSH, Process Monitoring, Terminal In-depth knowledge of design patterns

Automation Software Test Analysts

The Automation Software Test Team plays a critical role in the software development and release cycle. Utilising the latest frameworks and test automation tools they ensure that errors in the software are picked up and dealt with prior to release .

  • Solid detailed understanding of End to End testing and common testing methods
  • Hands on experience in ‘Automated testing’ with Selenium, Appium or Squish
  • Basic working knowledge of HTML / CSS and Javascript
  • Confident in Java, Javascript or Python
  • Jenkins : Project / Testcase / Job setup, management and configuration
  • Automation Framework design and implementation ( from scratch experience )
  • Deep Understanding the User and Software
  • Minimum of 3 years commercial experience with Automation
  • Strong spoken English communication, and an outgoing confident personality are essential
  • Clear to the point communication on defects, steps to replicate, process flow and concerns

Mobile App Developers

Obviously the UK market over the years has experienced a clear trend towards mobile driven revenue growth, an ever increasing percentage of online orders come via mobile devices. Capitilising on this fact we have recruited the talented iOS and Android Developers, as well as key Mobile Lead / Architects who have the commercial experience required to design and develop the best solutions with the latest technologies.

Common skill set for Android Developers include :

Practical knowledge of Material UI, Solid experience with RESTful APIs and working with API centric applications.
Working knowledge of Automated testing with ADB, Espresso or similar Unwavering debugging ability.
Exposure to Titanium or PhoneGap, Firebase, Crashlytics, Retrofit, Localytics, Realm or SqlLite.


iOS Developers

Objective C, Swift, Cocoa Touch
Experience working with iOS frameworks such as Core Data, Core Animation, Core Graphics and Core Text, Experience with third-party libraries and APIs, Working knowledge of the general mobile landscape, architectures, trends, and emerging technologies.

Web Development

Back End Developers:

  • Rockstar level core PHP skills
  • Extensive knowledge and experience with RESTFul API’s
  • Automated functional testing with PHPUnit
  • Solid exposure to PHP / API frameworks; i.e. Lumen, must be strong
  • Rockstar level core PHP skills
  • Extensive knowledge and experience with RESTFul API’s
  • Automated functional testing with PHPUnit
  • Solid exposure to PHP / API frameworks; i.e. Lumen, must be strong with MVC and OOPS
  • Unwavering debugging ability ( xDebugger )
  • Regex wizardry
  • MySQL Mastery – Triggers, Views, Joins, Store Procedures, Database Design, Normalisation.
  • Hands-on experience with queuing systems: Beanstalk, Amazon SQS, Redis
  • Deep understanding of PHP and libraries

DevOps / Linux Professionals

System administration, Server Support, IT Infrastructure and Security are absolute essential fundamentals when maintaining the integrity of our clients systems as well as internal systems.

  • Linux Guru - In-depth knowledge of linux OS & Administration
  • Bash Scripting Wizard
  • Extensive experience with LAMP - Setup, configuration, deployment, migration, troubleshooting
  • Chef ( or similar ) in-depth knowledge and experience: including setup, configuration and deployment.
  • Extensive practical knowledge of AWS: including Design, Deployment, Administration, Auto-scaling, High availability
  • clusters, Cloud Formations, Firewalls, Load Balancers, etc...
  • Exposure to Security Hardening: Network & OS
  • Strong grasp of automation tools & Computer Security
  • Practical knowledge of networks: Routers, Switches, VPNs, and their setup and configuration
  • Hands-on experience in migrating, deploying and scaling Cloud Server environments
  • Server & Patch Management
  • Independent problem solver with troubleshooting, decision making and analytical skills
  • Monitoring - CloudWatch, Nagios, New Relic, ELK

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