The SmartPhone Revolution

The SmartPhone Revolution

When it comes to smart phone OS, only two names are easily remembered– Apple and Android. Competitors like Blackberry and Symbian have drastically reduced their market share to 4.8% and 4.4% respectively.

Both Apple and Android account for 85% of the global market in the second quarter of this year. The mobile OS market that was once contested by several OS has become a two-horse race between Apple and Android. As their dominance penetrates deep into the market, other mobile OS competitors will have a hard time gaining market shares.

These two dominant OS are fast, superb display, and loaded with multimedia features. In this two-horse race, Google’s Android is slightly ahead with a market share of 68.1% of all smart phones in the second quarter. This is because of its price that is well within reach and the popularity of Google, its partner. Another contributing factor is the South Korean electronic giant Samsung that made and shipped 44% of all smart phones using Google’s Android.

A high-stake patent trial is ongoing between Samsung and Apple in the Silicon Valley. Apple accused Samsung of copying features from its iPhone and iPad devices, and is seeking more than $2.5 billion in damages. This is only one of the several court cases around the world involving these two electronic giants in the highly contested technological sector—smart phone and tablet computers.

The Touch2Success view these developments as an opportunity to widen its market in the takeaway software. It has an iPhone application for customers and takeaway owners that is downloadable for free. This application also works on Android and other OS. With more smart phones around, customers can readily connect and order from takeaways that use Touch2success software; and takeaway owners can promote and reach their customers easily by text and email through their smart phones and tablets.

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