Frequently Asked Questions

You simply visit the URL of your website on your compatible phone and it will automatically redirect you to a mobile optimised version of your site. You can then add this to your homescreen and it will appear the same as any normal app.

When a customer goes and uses the online checkout page, the money is held in your online bank. This gives you a complete statement of all transactions and you can withdraw the amount here whenever you want, 24/7. This money will then be in your bank account within 5-7 working days.

No. The reason for this is that on the app store it takes time for them to moderate this and for them to accept it and put it on the app store this way you can take advantage of it straight away.

The lead time for the system is approximately 2 weeks. A lot of the time we can do this much quicker.

The system is so simple to use that you can set it up in minutes, meaning you can get up and running as soon as possible. Why wait for a technician to come and install your hardware. All you need to do is plug a power cable in and an internet cable in. Then switch it on, once this is done give us a call and we'll do the rest.

We have a large client portfolio varying from Large Franchises to fresh start-ups, amounting to over 500 takeaways nationwide. Check out our Client Portfolio page to see a hand full of them.

With the EPOS System or Online Ordering System, we supply you with an All-in-One Touchscreen, Thermal Receipt Printer and a Caller ID Modem (Caller ID still needs to be enabled on the line).

All you need is a reliable broadband internet connection with a speed of at least 4mb and Caller ID enabled on your line. The Business Basic package with BT can be supplied at a cost of approximately £12.50. That is all we take care of everything else.

Unfortunately you can’t buy what we provide you with. There are many factors supporting this, some of which are:

Website Domain Costs and annual renewals
Sms Subscription Costs
Website Hosting ( cost £150 per year as we have to use a very reliable server)
Regular Security Updates
Monthly Merchant Costs
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) - Online Card Payment Security
Customer Support from 10 am - 11 pm (Saturday and Sunday 4pm - 11pm) 7 days a week.
Free menu updates
Free website changes
Free software updates
All of our hardware comes with an extended warranty for the lifetime of your contract at no extra cost.
Your online customers will also be able to get assistance from Live Support covering issues with payment and placing online orders via web or mobile (4pm – 12 Midnight, 7 days a week)
Iphone app available for all takeaways (Could cost you thousands of pounds)
Dedicated highly qualified UK support staff
Also iPhone app available for all takeaways (Could cost you thousands of pounds)

Because we found a lot of security issues with PayPal. Your customers can still use all the major credit and debit cards.

Its simple. All you need to do is return the application form with a copy of your menu and we’ll take it from there.

We do SEO (Search Engine Optimisation - This is how your page rank is increased on major search engines such as Google.) on the website and allow you to send text messages, emails and you can also setup coupon codes. We will also give you 500 free text messages when you sign up with us! Then from your side ensure your website URL is on your menu and that the words order online are mentioned otherwise your customers may just think your website has information and not an online ordering facility.

If there is a simple change such as a name or description change then this can be done instantly and we can even show you how to do this if you like. If you need a simple website change it can be done the same business day. If it is a complete website or menu update then it could take up to 3 days but a lot of the time we can do this for you in 48 hours.

We use Datman. They accept all the major card companies and offer very competitive rates.

Unfortunately we are not able to do this. But you are most welcome to visit us at our offices in Stoke on Trent. We will then be able to give you a live demonstration of the system and you can meet our staff and see how we work.

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