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The easiest way to manage your kitchen order process

Streamline your kitchen communication,
reduce human errors, and deliver food on time.

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Chef Screen, the kitchen display unit for takeaways & restaurants

Orders straight to the kitchen

Simplify the cooking process and reduce order times. Get the food delivered hot to your customers.

  • Send specialities to respective chefs
  • Order monitoring screen
  • Recall order facility

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Track order status in real-time through Chef screen

Track order fulfillment

Improve your kitchen and staff efficiency with a wide array of metrics including average fulfilment time, rush hours, kitchen staff performance and more.

  • Cooking delays alert
  • Order status
  • Staff analytics

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Chef screen helps takeaways cut down the kitchen waste

Cut down kitchen waste

Save a whole lot on operating costs by reducing not only the receipt paper waste but also the food waste that arises due to miscommunication between the counters and the kitchen.

  • No more human errors
  • Save paper cost
  • Reduce operating costs

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High-resolution digital boards from Touch2Success, UK's leading takeaway solutions provider

Easy to set-up, highly adaptive

Chef Screen adapts quickly to any takeaway environment offering unmatched support for busy kitchens.

  • Quick Setup
  • Reduce order errors
  • Multiple support channels

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