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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Everyone is on social media nowadays, which makes it the perfect place to promote and market your business.

Facebook and Twitter are a great way to get involved – you can target people specifically near you, to let them know what you’re up to, and what’s going on at your business.

Here are our 5 Top Tips for getting started:

  • Increase Brand Awareness

Getting your name and business out there to be recognised. Simply put: if people don’t know about your business or that your website exists, they can’t go there.

Given the way that ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ work, 1 person liking/sharing/retweeting your post, will likely be seen by many of that persons connections – this is how things ‘go viral’ and is a fantastic way to attract and engage new potential customers.

  • Legitimise your brand

Seeing a social media account of a business, helps legitimise it to customers. When people find a new website/company that they know little about, before investing time and effort into it, they want to know quickly if the business and website is legit, open, and does what it seems to.

Seeing an active social media account can do all this within a few seconds.

A website may show that a business exists, but a social media page confirms that the brand is active

Keep in mind that once you get started, this needs to be maintained. If a potential customer sees no posts for a while, they may assume the business has closed.

  • Customer Service

Important in any business. Make sure any questions are answered quickly, and make sure to always have an up to date phone number and address on your website.  A potential customer calling a number that’s no longer in use, is a customer lost. A business without a clear phone number and address will make customers seriously doubt the legitimacy of the business to begin with.

  • Increase your sales

Now you’ve increased your brand awareness and legitimacy, you should have some followers or friends! Now’s the time to really promote what you’re about, and what you can offer.  Promote any deals or discounts – set up specific codes to promote on different sites – this will make people feel they’re getting an exclusive offer, and it’s worth them keeping an eye on your page. Post pictures of your food to draw people in, any events you’ve been involved in, any new deals or a staff picture! Anything like this will draw people’s eye and associate your business name with the positive pictures seen. Don’t forget to link your website in the posts!

  • Reaching out

To begin with, you may want to quickly increase the number of people that can see your posts. Some sites charge for this, but it’s genuinely a worthwhile cost. For example, on Facebook – you can ‘boost’ your post only to those within a certain radius of you, for a certain number of days. If you spend £20 over 1 day, 7 days or 14  days, the estimated reach is between 4,500 and 12,000 people!  If you’re seeing a big increase in post and page ‘engagements’, you can keep going with this – it’s a small price to pay to potentially bring in a large number of new customers.

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Takeaway Delivery Software

Takeaway Delivery Software

Make sure your not missing out on customers who’re ordering online. Ordering online lets customers see that their orders are correctly received and the time of delivery is monitored, the majority of customers always prefer to order from a takeaway with takeaway delivery software, as they have a clear idea of what they’re getting and when they’re getting it.

To make a takeaway successful, the customers’ point of view is look at. Customers want to order from a takeaway that can deliver their orders promptly with their specified orders correctly prepared.

They do not want to make anxious phone call when their orders are not delivered on time. So, to answer all these customer’s preferences, you as a takeaway owner should have takeaway delivery software. Think about all the benefits that this software can give to your takeaway business.

This software includes an online ordering website where your delicious menu is prominently displayed for your customers to see. Your takeaway is available in the internet, and the only thing that hungry customers will do is click on the website page for whatever food that they want to order. Instantly their order are received and prepared.

The delivery time is also indicated for the convenience of anxious customers. If however the delivery will be late, you can immediately inform the customers beforehand that their food is coming but a little late. This alone is an assurance to the customers that you understand their anxious feeling when things do not happen as expected.

To assist prompt delivery, the delivery drivers are provided with the shortest and fastest route to take to ensure delivery while the food is still fresh and hot. This is with the help of Google Maps that helps the drivers avoid traffic jams and find alternative detours and routes to hasten food delivery; and in return – customers’ satisfaction and repeat orders.

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Online Ordering System + EPOS

Online Ordering System + EPOS

All takeaways want to be successful, and the owners are continuously trying out new promotional schemes to gain an edge over their competitors. They distribute leaflets that advertise their delicious menu, give promotional discounts, and have their takeaways listed on the takeaway websites.

Touch2Success provides you with your own ordering website with a unique EPOS system making ordering fast and convenient for the customers, and for the staff as well.

This unique website is in the name of your takeaway, and unlike other takeaway websites, it does not cost you any commission on all online orders. It has a secured credit facility to allow customers to pay by using their credit or debit cards; or if they prefer, they can always pay COD (Cash on Delivery).

Besides increasing the number of customers, it saves you from giving commission on online orders, which can be a substantial saving.

Once your takeaway website is set, hungry customers can easily find your takeaway by simply doing a search on popular search engines like Google or Bing. Your delicious menu is displayed prominently on the website page for your customers to choose from. Once they have chosen their orders, all they have to do is click, and the waiting time is displayed for the customers to see. This removes the possibility of anxious customers making phone calls to check the progress of their orders.

Touch2success provides free iPhone App for customers who are always mobile. This allows your customers to order or pay directly to your website by simply using their smart phones. With this App, your takeaway is reachable to mobile customers. The popularity of mobile ordering is rapidly growing as some customers order food not only for themselves but also for delivery to friends, relatives, and others.

The Touch2Success takeaway EPOS system saves all customers’ details such as name, address, email address, favorite foods and ordering habits. All these are accessible to you by merely touching a button. This information is necessary when conducting a promotional campaign, informing customers of special offers, and encouraging regular and occasional customers to order.

The Touch2Success has so much to offer that your takeaway has no other choice but to succeed.

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Online Ordering Systems for Restaurant and Takeaway

Online Ordering Systems for Restaurant and Takeaway

Online ordering systems are websites featuring menus of restaurants and takeaways that allows the customers to order online. These systems have been available for a decade, and were first employed by corporate franchises such as Pizza Hut and Papa John’s.

Due to the installation, corporate franchises reported an increase on online sales, and are still growing at the rate 50 percent each year. Because of these positive results, some restaurants and takeaways adopted the online ordering system to increase their sales.

Online ordering companies have two solutions for restaurants and takeaways that want to install the ordering system. One is by providing database and account management software and managing the online ordering themselves. The other method is by signing up for an online ordering system with a company that handles order from many restaurants in a given area.

These solutions have one obvious disadvantage—they charge a certain percentage or commission on online orders, and your restaurant or takeaway menu is only one among many menus that are displayed since they are servicing many restaurants and takeaways.

The Touch2Success is a provider of online ordering systems in UK that is unique and has the restaurant and takeaway benefits in mind. It does not collection any commission from online orders. The online ordering website is in the name of the restaurant and takeaway and the menu is displayed prominently for the customers to look at and for them to select their orders. Since this website is the name of the restaurant or takeaway, the owner can make any changes anytime.

The Touch2Success online ordering system comes with an EPOS system that has the latest features that can make promotional campaigns and ordering easy, convenient, and effective. It has an SMS marketing feature that allows sending of multiple messages to customers whose details are stored in the database. Furthermore, there are ready technical staffs all across the country to assist and deal with any technical issues.

All these features on the Touch2 Success online ordering system can be had by simply signing up for a free trial.

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Food Franchise EPOS Systems

Food Franchise EPOS Systems

When you’re looking for an EPOS system, make sure that it can take orders more efficiently and make the preparation and delivery of orders faster. It’s not just the cost, but the benefits that can be had by using an EPOS system. For your particular fast food franchise, you need an EPOS system that can answer and solve all the common management problems of a fast food franchise. Some of these are delayed delivery, wrong food preparation, and wrong billing.

For your fast food franchise, make sure that your EPOS system has a caller ID feature, which if properly use, can help maintain customers’ loyalty, by automatically recording customers details. A lot of food franchise owners are able to maintain customers’ loyalty by remembering their names, ordering habit, and food tastes. With a caller ID feature, all this information is displayed when the customer calls. Plus you can send SMS messages and emails to all the customers in your database, telling them about your special offers and new menu – encouraging them to from you.

Of course, your EPOS should display the delicious food and the excellent service that you provide. Not only that, if something needs changing, it should allow you to do the change in the shortest possible time without fuss.

It must also have a late order messaging feature, very important in a food franchise or any other business as it informsthe customers beforehand of a late delivery, ensuring the customer doesn’t worry and repeatdly call your shop every minute.

In food preparation, your EPOS system must have a feature that allows the staff in the kitchen to see new orders so that they can immediately prepare the ingredients. This feature increases the efficiency of your kitchen staff.

Another feature that should be in your EPOS is a delivery direction capability. This feature makes the delivery of order faster and efficient. It should also be capable of monitoring the deliveries and cash of the driver. At the end of the day, your EPOS system should show the total daily turnover, delivery information, collections, front orders, and summary of items sold, which can all be reset at the click of a button.

All of these features and many more are provided by the Touch2Success EPOS.

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Increase Takeaway Customers

Increase Takeaway Customers

Having your own unique takeaway website, without any doubt, can increase the number of takeaway customers. It makes ordering and paying simple and easier for the customers. Also, it add to the efficiency of your staff and service; and your being available online gives your takeaway a professional look and appearance.

Your takeaway website is made with your needs and the needs of customers in mind. Displayed on your website is the menu that your takeaway is serving, and instructions on how to order and many other features that can benefit your customers – and you as well.

Some takeaway owners wanted a website just to give their business a professional look and appearance. What happened after the websites were online was unexpected. Calls and online orders came every minute that the owners were obliged to hire additional temporary staff for the day. As days passed, there was no let up in the orders, so, the additional temporary staffs were made permanent. This increase in orders benefitted the takeaways owners so much that some were able to establish other branches in other areas.

The features of your online ordering takeaway website open up many possibilities that can boost your business. For example, the name, address, email, phone number and ordering record of customers are saved in the database. This feature combined with SMS marketing allows you to send text messages and promotional offers to regular and intermittent customers. This feature is included together with the EPOS and the online ordering website.

There is another feature in your takeaway website that allows customers to post their comments and recommendations. This feature gives a personal touch to your takeaway. Also, this feature express the message that you are paying attention and regards the opinions of customers about your takeaway as very important. This gives the impression that you’re open to whatever suggestions that may further improve service and customer satisfaction.

Together with these features, a brand new iPhone App is provided when you sign up to get the online takeaway website. This gives the customers another choice to order and pay directly by using their smart phones.

By the way, the iPhone App is free!

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