What’s trending in the global food industry?

by Soorej Warrier, 17-06-2019

From upsurging health trends to cuisines to revolutionary technologies, 2019 is going to be another year where the industry innovates in how we cook, order, drink and eat at home and in restaurants.

Get to know the trends, the next steps you could consider taking further to enhance your takeaway operations and bring in more orders.

Cashless technology bringing in more cash
Phasing out cash from the day to day operations helps restaurateurs to save time offering a handful of other benefits such as fewer handling errors, reduced theft loss and greater transparency & liquidity. In addition to the usual Debit/Credit card swipes, payment terminals now support contactless payment methods, Apple pay and Google pay.

Cashless payment methods include Credit/Debit cards, Apple pay, Google pay

Organic dining - Purchases that empowers
Eat well, but naturally and more healthily. Local and sustainable produce is the preferred choice for food businesses now. People have become health conscious than ever. They realise the benefits of eating natural food, especially organic that are non-processed and genetically unmodified. The focus is now on fresh, seasonal and local produce.

People are more health conscious that makes organic food popular than ever

The evolving Teas
Tea is one of the healthiest drinks that can be consumed anytime. Days of limiting yourself to black tea or green tea are over. Teas have emerged big time recently, a few of the most popular newcomers being Raspberry leaf tea, Hibiscus tea, Peppermint tea, Nettle tea, Moringa tea: tea lovers have many choices to make now.

Tea is one of the healthiest drinks that can be consumed anytime

The salvation of Indian street food
Aromatic spices, combinations of fruits & veggies, fully cooked meat, cooking techniques, utensils used: ethnicity talks a lot. The fact that these Indian dishes are lighter and fresher compared to traditional British curries, makes them a perfect suit for the healthier and low food lifestyle. Feel no wonder if you see more and more takeaways start to add Indian dishes to their existing menu.

With its lighter nature, Indian street food is tipped as one of the trending food cuisines.

The Anti-plastic revolution
The oceans are choked with plastic, food packaging is one of the main culprits. Will our modern lifestyle allow us to consider alternatives to plastics?

Food businesses have reconsidered the way they package their food and drinks

The earth wants to live. Believe it or not, food businesses have reconsidered the way they package their food and drinks. Paper packs, cups, paper straws and what more?