Top 5 trends in the UK food industry, things you should know.

by Soorej Warrier, 16-05-2019

The world is moving fast, people are always in a hurry. Almost every person has access to a computer, a tablet or a smartphone and they want to get things done fast. They want speed, they want new tastes. They want quality and they want mindblowing service.

Can you handle the spice now? Follow these trends, get to know the 5 things you can consider to take your business to new heights.

Restaurant Automation is the key
Automation is revolutionising the way today’s diners book a table, place an order, pay bills and even getting food on the table. Optimise the entire operations and speed up the processes from order taking to delivery. Reduced errors, faster delivery, enhanced customer service, and increased customer satisfaction; benefits are endless.

Restaurant automation optimizes operations like never before

Veganism is on the rise
There is an increasing number of health conscious people out there, restaurants are turning even more adaptive to their needs. Do not be surprised if you see new vegan restaurants around the corner or more vegan dishes on your usual competitor menus. Explore and try out this opportunity by adding some vegan dishes to your menu before someone else in your street tries it out first

Veganism is an ever growing trend in the UK food industry

What The Fries!
Fries are evolving. From the usual classic fries & cheesy fries, we now have fries topped up with vegetables, paneer, chicken, lamb, fish, beef and pork. And the trending types are grilled fries, avocado fries, sweet potato fries, parmesan herb fries and Thai fries. Ketchup days are long gone, try bacon mayonnaise, curry-honey glaze, peanut sauce - what more? Why not invent one of your own now?

New forms, new toppings and new sauces. Trending across the UK

Mobile apps for rescue
Planning to hire more staff just to take orders or for food delivery? You must give it a shot at the mobile apps. The innovative thoughts like self-service, remote management and delivery management apps have taken the food industry by a storm. Results are reduced labour costs, error-free orders, shorter customer queues, flexible payment methods, faster deliveries, and increased revenue. The system helps you focus more on what you're best at - the food.

Self-service, remote management and delivery management apps for iOS & Android

Order from anywhere
Online ordering has become so popular now, that the food industry businesses have started looking for wider options than the usual food portal apps. When it comes to food, the new millennials are the decision makers. Facebook ads, order via twitter, order via a virtual assistant, order with a smartwatch, order with a smart TV and what’s next?

Online ordering made easy from anywhere, anytime now.

Smart devices, rising competition, and innovation is something you have to be on the lookout for. To survive in this ever challenging market, you got to do a lot. Initially, why not keep yourself updated and be ahead of the field.