Top 7 things takeaways must consider while choosing an online ordering system

by Soorej Warrier, 19-02-2019

The popularity of online food ordering has brought such a storm in the UK food industry that takeaway and restaurant owners now consider being online as the most effective way to acquire new customers, increase order size, enhance existing customer experience, gain repeat business and upsell.

72% takeaways and restaurants say online ordering has been positive for their business and 39% of restaurants using apps increased orders outside of the usual mealtimes.

But how to select a good online ordering system? We have listed top 7 things to consider before choosing the online ordering system.

Choose the right system: Do your research well and be sure about your business requirements. Find a system that meets all your specific needs. Look for a system that is easy to use and flexible enough to customise as per your need. Most importantly the online ordering system should simplify your order taking process, create value for you and enhance customer experience.

Stay away from hefty commissions: Most of the online food portals charge hefty commissions per order. Why not opt for a Point of Sale (POS) system integrated with online ordering facilities that charge you 0% commission on orders? You can spend the saved commission on promotions to bring more customers and revenue.

Be sure about the marketing support: Having an online ordering system for your business is not all that you need. You must be capable of promoting your takeaway or restaurant as well. What if your system provider has that capability? Well, you could focus more on growing your business then.

Professional support and maintenance team: Not to forget, the takeaway business constantly demands immediate support and solutions for issues, should they arise. Ensure the system provider has the customer support you need. Be it a for a quick menu update or a technical issue, be sure that the support is provided promptly.

Reports that gives business insights: One of the advantages of having an online system is that its performance is easily measurable. Choose an online ordering system that gives you intelligent reports to identify the strong and weak links in your business. The system must be rich with analytics that constantly let you monitor sales, revenue and customer views to make quick smart decisions.

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Secured gateway, flexible payment options: Consider the payment methods available for your customers to place an order. The more flexible payment options you offer them, the more business you get. Be clear on your fund management too, keep a tab on all the money that comes in and goes out, be it in the form of card or cash.

Loyalty schemes to add more value: Adopt an online ordering system that can help you build your own customer database to promote your business and offer them the personalised experience they’ve always wanted. Systems with loyalty schemes help you in promoting upselling and repeat orders.

Once you’re crystal clear about your requirements and the kind of support you need, start searching for systems. Because the right one can bring endless benefits to your takeaway business. If you need more help, why not get a free consultation with one of our experts?