A start-to-finish guide to make your takeaway the most sought after.

by Ritu Mishra, 04-04-2019

You see a long queue in front of a competitor takeaway and wonder what is it that they are doing differently. And it might be a bitter pill, but you want to know because something is working for the takeaway that is drawing more people there.

“What is it?”, You ask.

If you have such questions meandering in your head and giving you sleepless nights, you might want to give this blog a good read and then maybe re-look at your marketing plan with a different eye.

The world is moving at a faster pace than ever before. People think, feel and operate differently than any generation before us. The growing culture of impatience and instant gratification has made every business owner expect accurate data quickly, faster results and ROI at lightning speed, and why not? We have better technology than ever to support and wield. Therefore, brands these days put their best heads together to craft strategies that promote their business in the most ideal way.

A sound marketing plan for a business is as important as a breathing mask under the ocean.

The success of your takeaway or any business, for that matter, boils down to one thing: How strong and comprehensive your marketing plan is? So how to tell what a good marketing plan looks like?

Here’s the ultimate step-by-step guide to creating the best marketing plan to ensure an ever-growing revenue flow and a brighter future for your takeaway:

1. Let’s begin with the basics - The right PoS system for you
Get a Point of Sale system that is comprehensive enough to help you run the operations in your takeaway smoothly so that you have ample amount of time to focus on other important matters. There are many PoS systems in the market that also help in advertising your business by sending promotional messages to your entire customer base, all from just one place. (Well, here's one such PoS system that actually does ALL)

2. Be where it counts the most - Be online
Your website is like an identity card of your business. And most importantly it’s a big marketing tool for establishing direct communication with your existing and potential customers, promoting your business, advertising the daily deals, prices, menu changes and just bringing your customers closer to you. With an ordering website or app, you also give your customers the convenience to order from anywhere and anytime. And god knows how much your customers appreciate time-saving options! There are many more advantages of having an online ordering system, read the rest here.

3. Go Social or go home
These days social media platforms are bustling with several food pictures that can make the thriftiest people spend a few extra pounds. Brands around the world are going on social media to connect, engage and convert their customers into brand loyalists. Why? Because it is easy and personal. So, if you want a steady growth in the orders rolling in, then get your social accounts and start talking.

4. Boost your business organically with SEO
When it comes to marketing your business, opportunities in today's world are boundless. One of the most organic and effective ways to improve your search visibility and drive more hungry customers to your ordering website is to perform a thorough Search Engine Optimization. You may be able to set up your on-page SEO correctly and that will help but the real challenge lies on the off-page SEO, which requires continuous effort and is best left to the experts.

The keyword ‘restaurants near me‘ has 7,480,000 monthly searches on Google.

5. Advertise in more ways than one
Making your website SEO optimized is just reaching parity, what will be actual differentiators are Ads. Here is an inside scoop, not a lot of takeaways are doing Ads and there is a great opportunity to make your mark. Google ads and Social Media ads let you target a very specific audience - you can filter them by age, gender, interests, and location. Just get your audience demographic right and you could literally keep your cash counters ringing. You can also be flexible with your budgets and ad timings. With Google Search Ads, you can target your customers while they are looking for food, what more, you can even show your ads when the potential customer is searching for your competitors’ names.
Get in touch to know more about our Ads packages that will provide you the competitive edge that will help your takeaway get noticed!

6. Give them something extra
From boosting your sales to driving engagement and generating more footfalls, there’s so much that a simple contest can do for your business. Contests not only build brand awareness and entice your customers to participate but also engages and makes them expect that there’s always something to look forward to. Lucrative rewards in the form of discounts and offers are a sure shot way of upping your game.

Exciting contests promotes restaurants like no other.

7. Appeal at first sight
In today’s world where our attention span has grown shorter than of a Goldfish, the first impression is all you get. Therefore, it's imperative that the first impression you make is spot on! In that regard, food packaging becomes crucial because a good packaging protects the food from contaminating the material from soiling, and creates a sterling impression of your takeaway, turning your customers into loyal ones. Here is an option that can solve your packaging worries.

Another thing to keep in mind is for the people who visit your takeaway is the ambience of your takeaway. Good food, great service and an awe-inspiring ambience are all you need to succeed. A trendy solution to entice your customers like never before!

8. How does it feel to be a big cheese?
Listing yourself on a renowned food portal does wonders for your takeaway. That's why all the biggies are there. From adding an extra flow of revenue to taking branding and promotion of your takeaway up a notch, online ordering food portals should be at the top of your marketing plan, come what may. This online ordering food portal charges 0% commission - What are you waiting for?

9. Open a new realm of possibilities with Google
With the amount of competition in the market, takeaway owners are adopting the usage of the internet along with many cross-promotional methods of advertising. The first and foremost is to set up your takeaway's Google My Business account so that whenever someone looks you up on google, they can find a knowledge graph with your business details in the sidebar. You can put a Google Map pin for your location, collect brownie points (rating based on user reviews) review feedback from your customers, and do a lot more!

10. Be valued for what you are
Nothing destroys a food business like a bad review. All your marketing efforts would go to waste if you do not have a good reputation management strategy in place, that includes online as well as PR and press releases. You need to keep a constant eye on feedback, reviews and everything that's been talked about you so that crisis can be prevented in advance. There are many online tools to manage your online reputation and experts who can build you a sterling reputation.

11. Holding onto your roots is always profitable
While online advertising has given a whole new dimension to market your business, one can not forget the traditional methods that are still much loved and appreciated. With classic strategies that involve flyers, local radio ads, banners, billboards on buses etc., you can achieve more than you targeted. When you cross-promote your business on both online and offline platforms, wonders happen!

12. Show your love and get customer loyalty in return
You can’t buy love so show it by offering your customers some exciting loyalty programs. With every purchase or visit, these programs will show your customers how much you value them and bring them back for more. There are many tools that are affordable, simple to set up and quite fun for your customers. It's time to spread more smiles and win more hearts!

Reward your customers and get loyalty in return.

13. Your story in your customer’s inbox, every day
This is one of those marketing methods that never fail to reach your customers and pleasantly entice them (attention seeking emails and SMS work best if they offer what the customers really need). Once you have acquired your customers' email address or phone number, you can send offers, deals, newsletters and so much to keep them engaged. You can also send them blogs that are rich with backlinks for your website via email, and let them know that you always have something cooking up!

14. When in doubt, you have bloggers to reach out
One great way to get honest reviews and make your presence felt on the web is to let food bloggers try your food. Their experience and reviews will garner you more engagement and lead to more conversation than you can imagine. A tried and tested formula to spread some hyper about your business!

15. Seek their opinion and they will seek you
It has become the most common for customers to look up for a restaurant or takeaway reviews before dining or ordering from there. While listing your restaurant on the popular sites will give you the desired visibility, positive reviews and feedback from existing customers make a significant impact on getting the potential customers. It is imperative for you to treat their feedback with utmost care and show them that you care enough to listen to them.

That sums up our list of things that should be part of your sound marketing plan. We hope that you put these steps to good use and let us know how have they worked out for you.

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