8 reasons your takeaway needs an online ordering system now more than ever!

by Ritu Mishra, 15-03-2019

Over the past decade, the takeaway delivery market has seen a burgeoning growth of 73%. And it's no wonder!

With the fast life that we are so fond of these days, time to cook or even to sit at a restaurant for a lavish three-course meal has become a rare occurrence. Thankfully, along with the growth of other sectors and the effect of the technology on all of them, the food industry has also seen monumental transformations. The takeaway industry has seen a rapid increase in online ordering systems over the last few years.

A recent report says, 56% of customers order directly from a takeaway’s website at least once a month.

So, why an online ordering system?

That's where your customers are
Your customers are relying on their smartphones for all kinds of things, including ordering their food. With an online ordering system, you can have your own ordering website and app through which your customers can reach out to you, anytime, anywhere. You can seamlessly integrate the online ordering system with your in-store POS. So you get the best of both the worlds.

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No commission - Your money remains yours to keep
How many times have you thought about that big slice of your profit that goes to a third party food ordering portal in the name of commission? Having your own online ordering system lets you have full control over your customers and your business. Unlike a third-party food portal, where your competitors stand equal with you and have many chances to turn your loyal customers into theirs, your own app and website make sure that your customers' loyalty does not deter.

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You can give what your customers really want - convenience
Imagine your customer is too tired after a hectic day at the office and all they want to do is catch up on a show while eating their favourite meal. Do you think they would like to stand in a queue and wait to grab a bite? You can save them the effort of doing all that by just winning space on the home screen on their phones.

People tend to order more online
A study says that average online bill sizes are usually 23% higher than in-store order sizes because online ordering websites and apps can personalise your takeaway's upselling and cross-selling items to ensure that your customers' order more than what they had planned.

Touch2Success blog - Why takeaways need an online ordering system

Makes you a household name
Your online ordering app and website are designed according to your brand guidelines. That means, when your customers order food from the app or website and are happy with the services, they pay more attention to you and remember you. So, you get the chance to win the loyalty of your customers and the people they will refer you to. Now, that is something to look forward to. Isn’t it?

Gets you accurate orders without fail
Your website and app have your menu with various filters to help your customers make their purchase decision. When the order is placed, you get the exact order on your POS system. Losing customers due to busy phone calls or fluctuating network is a thing of the past now. Your online ordering system improves the accuracy of orders and makes sure you stay ahead of everyone.

Being online opens the door to success in every aspect
Being online means you can reach out to more customers at once, without burning a hole in your pocket on advertising. Sounds bizarre? It's actually not. Since the entire world is on the internet, the digital ecosystem is brimming with customer database that you can tap into with ease.

Better customer experience = Loyal customers
The old saying is still as prevalent as ever - The Customer is king! Recently, research by the Temkin Group showed that a customer's interaction with a company indicates and drives their loyalty towards them the most. Customers with positive experience are likely to purchase repeatedly and make recommendations in their social circle and outside. An online ordering system allows you to review what your customers really think about you and helps you deliver the best services there are to offer!

The list of reasons goes on and on. Your friends and competitors have realised the potential of getting an online ordering system. It’s time you did too.

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