Breaking the Myths of Foodhub Coupons - Read how you get more orders @ no extra costs

by Soorej Warrier, 20-11-2019

A whopping 23% increase in online orders, that’s what Foodhub has seen in the first few weeks from the introduction of universal coupons. What exactly does this mean? Takeaways & restaurants listed on Foodhub tend to get more orders than ever now.

The concept is really simple. Who doesn’t like food? And, if it comes at a discounted price, it’s a no-brainer. When a coupon helps to reduce the net price, customers would be willing to buy more, and more frequently than usual. Coupons work as a long-term relationship catalyst between the business and their customers.

What does it mean for Takeaways?

Foodhub coupons bringing new customers, more orders an more revenue to takeaways

The benefits are endless; more orders, more revenue, increased order size, increased frequency, greater loyalty.

These universal coupons from Foodhub are not just ordinary discounts, they help takeaways grow their market share, sell more & faster, nurture loyal customers and stay ahead of competitors: without extra efforts or cost from your end.

Foodhub bears all the costs

 Foodhub bears all the coucher costs, 100% reimbursement for takeaways.

Since Foodhub is driving marketing campaigns and promotions through the use of discount codes, Foodhub will reimburse the takeaways for the vouchers too. The amount given away through Foodhub coupon discounts will be credited back every week.

When our clients joined Foodhub, we promised that we’ll do the marketing for free and we’ll bring more orders. Now with the current and future campaigns, we are delivering on that promise.

Promotional Activities Explained

Foodhub introduced several new marketing strategies to promote food coupons

Let’s have a quick peek through the recent efforts taken by Foodhub to increase market visibility, helping the takeaways get more online and in-store orders.

  • More exposure for your business to a wider audience via digital advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

  • New customers & more orders through well-known deal/voucher sites including and

  • Targeted promotions, exciting competitions and lucky draws on online & printed publications such as Cosmopolitan, Save The Student, Closer and Money Magpie to name but a few.

  • Partnered efforts with online food-related influencers to reach as wide an audience as possible.

  • Continuous efforts on social media pages to nurture and engage a regular loyal customer base.

Improvements - More to come

We are constantly working to improve the process, to make it smoother and transparent. Let’s work together to bring you more orders and more revenue. We need your support throughout the period to make sure the successful implementation of this marketing strategy that will ensure more orders for you.

So, continue accepting orders with coupons and we’ll make sure that you get all the coupon costs reimbursed to you on a timely basis.