6 Ways Branded Mobile Apps Help You Streamline Your Takeaway Orders

by Soorej Warrier, 09-08-2019

Leveraging mobile apps can help takeaway and restaurant businesses to optimise their operations, streamline the workflow and gain new customers. In recent years, mobile apps have helped businesses in various industries with the convenience they offer the end-users. Food businesses top that list. The way mobile apps have outperformed the websites in food ordering is quite unbelievable; the primary reason is that the interaction happens on customers’ phones, a device that hardly ever leaves their side.

A recent survey shows that 83% of people use smart gadgets (smartphones and tablets) to find nearby takeaways or restaurants

To make your online presence count in every aspect, there’s no better option than a branded mobile app. The cuisine lovers who are wary of trying out new takeaways and new dishes help you add more to your success story.

Following are a few important factors you must consider immediately, so you know how branded mobile apps can change the way you work.

More focus on Millennials - The convenient seekers
Eating at a restaurant is no longer the primary choice for the millennials. Isn’t this so obvious and evident with the popularity that food apps are gaining these days? With their hectic schedules, convenient seeking lifestyle and digital payment habits, the youngsters tend to enjoy food while watching their favourite TV shows. Doorstep delivery being affordable and comfortable, they seek the help of their smartphones to get things done with ease.

No laptops, no phone calls, no long queues, no traffic woes, no ATM visits, what more convenience can you offer your young customers?

Focus on millennials more as they tend to order food using mobile apps more.

Push Notifications That Do Wonders
It’s all about getting your customers to install your branded takeaway or restaurant app. Once that’s done, you can tailor a smart marketing strategy by gathering a multitude of customer data. Push notifications on mobile apps help you keep your customers engaged and encouraged. Why not make a list of the infrequent customers and send them promotional mailers thereby increasing the footfalls and the online orders. Push notifications can also help you drive incremental visits and get more revenue out of frequent ones.

Mobile push notifications are a winning marketing strategy for businesses.

Location Services Help in More Localisation
Geo-location services make businesses more visible to the crowd that really matters. Customers searching for local food options with their location services switched on would find you more easily, leading to referrals and repeat orders in the future. Including the geo-location on the map in mobile apps makes it easier for your customers to find the exact takeaway location. This will eventually result in more footfalls, increased orders and more ROI.

Geo-location services on mobile apps make your takeaway more visible to the crowd that really matters.

More Reviews Bringing More Brand Attention
The ever-growing popularity of the internet and smartphones have made the commercial industry so transparent that most of the customers decide whether to order from a takeaway or not based on the available reviews/feedback and ratings. The more reviews and more positive feedback you have, the more orders you’re expected to get. Usually, the reviews are given based on food quality, service quality, staff behaviour, cleanliness, prices and other store facilities (access, parking etc.).

Customer feedback not only helps in bringing more orders but also helps the takeaway owners to improve the way they work.

Online customer reviews increase sales and brand attention

Better, Personal Loyalty & Referral Programs
Customers just love the effortless and personalised experience when they place an order online every time. Mobile apps being one of the most obvious choices, let you communicate directly with your customers and gather the data that could define their buying behaviour. Loyalty programs on branded mobile apps help food businesses stay consistently engaged with their customers, which helps boost brand loyalty. This way, takeaways can optimise their marketing efforts and spend their budget exactly where more ROI is guaranteed.

Loyalty programs on mobile apps help food businesses engage their customers

Orders Straight to the Kitchen, No More Errors
Like any other business, the food industry is also not immune to errors. It’s quite common that the takeaways and restaurants lose time, money and eventually customers on inaccurate orders. Inaccurate or missed orders are one of the quickest reasons that turn positive customer experience into a negative one, so it’s highly essential to reduce these errors as much as possible.

A good quality restaurant mobile app can help you send customer orders straight to the EPOS system and if there’s a kitchen display, then there too as soon as an order is placed. The results are, no more forgotten, lost or inaccurate orders and double entries.

Mobile apps take customer orders straight to the kitchen ensuring zero-order errors.

Average order size placed through a mobile range from 4% - 25% higher than in-store orders.

Think now! What if your competitors have already implemented the mobile apps that allow them to serve customers without having them to wait in the queue? What if they offer the convenience and flexibility customers have always wanted?

With so many options readily available for them, you better be late than never.

Consider this a start and take immediate steps now to stay competitive. But, keep in mind that customers tend to engage in mobile apps, only if they can get things done easily & seamlessly without having to spend a whole lot of time. Only well developed, takeaway-dedicated mobile apps can make it possible.