Who thought this simple device could turn the tables for your business.

by Ritu Mishra, 13-06-2019

In 2016, British Retail Consortium revealed that 14.9 billion transactions were through cards and PDQ machines, which translates to £647 billion in sales.

Did you know that the first credit card to be introduced in the UK was in 1966? Hard to believe, yeah? But since the debut of this alternative payment method, the world has seen nothing but a gradual acceptance and rampant growth of this idea.

As debit and credit cards started gaining popularity globally, businesses all over realized the need to bring a change in the way customers made payments while making purchases. That was the birth of card machines or PDQs, as we call them these days.

PDQ - Process Data Quickly machine opens up alternative payment options for an increasingly cashless society. Read on to know how much this machine helps in the growth of businesses of all kinds

Let us begin by understanding what exactly is a PDQ machine?

PDQ machines are payment terminals that allow electronic fund transfers, or in simpler words, machines that allow you to accept credit and debit card payments for your business.

Card payments in takeaways and retails have become fast and easy with PDQ terminals.

More people prefer to use debit and credit cards instead of cash because it’s secure and convenient. They are spending more money and are doing so with their cards. Why? Because it’s easier! Instead of making runs to the ATM every now and then, or constantly keeping a tab of how much cash they are left with in their wallet, they like the ease and convenience PDQ machines bring in their life. It is also a safer method of paying as only the card owner can authorise the transaction through a unique PIN (personal identification number).

What’s more, it has been found that people typically spend more while using a card for payment as it changes the physical and metaphorical form of cash, making it easier to part from. In short - PDQ machines mean good business for you!

Over 32 million card transactions are made in a day, which adds up to £1.5 billion in daily sales made all throughout the UK.

Here’s why you should not waste a second and get a PDQ machine immediately -

Faster transactions = shorter queues = More orders processed
It's a fact that a customer paying by cash will take more time and hold up the line, than a customer who swipes their card and leaves. When you process payments by cards more, you speed up the long process, which in turn saves you enough time to process more orders than before.

Ace the game of winning your customers' loyalty
Today's customer seeks convenience like a lifeboat in the middle of an ocean. It's not hard to guess that they will always prefer businesses that make their life easier. When you save their time with swift payments and amazing service, they will choose you over others in a blink of an eye.

Put your business in safe hands
When most of your payment happens through the PDQ machine, you don't need to keep a large amount of cash on hand that increases the risk of robbery, counterfeiting or internal theft. All the payments through the PDQ machine go to your bank account, locked and secured.

No chance for errors
A few studies have clearly shown that businesses using PDQ machines for card transactions experience fewer cash-related financial losses due to money handling errors than those who don’t utilise them.

All your data at one place
All the transactions processed through a PDQ machine is recorded and kept safe with your Merchant bank. You can access every detail about your business funds online on the bank’s website and app.

Do so much more for so much less
Avail some other useful functions such as gratuity (tips), cash back offers, printing duplicate receipts, cancelling transactions, and many more.

Payment made easy with PDQ

There are over a million PDQ machines being used in the UK by businesses, and this number is only increasing constantly, as there are no other foreseeable forms of technology that could replace PDQ machines in the near future.

Types of PDQ machines in the market -
There are different PDQ machines that handle a variety of payment methods. It is essential for you to understand what kind of PDQ machine will be well-suited for your business.

1. Countertop PDQ Machines - These are perfect for businesses that only take payment from one designated section of the whole premise. Works better for retail and takeout businesses where payment is made at a set checkout area.
(You might want to check out this PDQ that looks as if it’s made for you.)

2. Portable PDQ Machines - Portable or moveable PDQ machines connect to a base station via Bluetooth or WiFi and are powered by a battery. This machine allows you to process payments away from the base station. Works best for large premises like restaurants where the staff can take payment from the customer at their table itself.

3. Mobile PDQ Machines - This PDQ machine uses the mobile telephone network (GPRS or GSM) to stay connected with a fixed business location. You can use a mobile PDQ machine to take payment anywhere in the country. However, you will have to rely on the mobile signal to proceed with the payment.

Learn the types of payment the PDQ machines can process -
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i) Chip & PIN
Chip & PIN works by storing the card’s authorisation data on a small chip embedded into the card. The customer enters their PIN into the keypad and the terminal compares their four-digit code to what’s stored on the chip.

ii) Magnetic Strip
There are some old cards that still need to be swiped for payment. The PDQ machine reads the payment details and to verify that authenticity of the cardholder, the customer would sign the receipt. Post which you have to compare the receipt signature to the signature on the back of the card.

iii) Contactless
Even after being introduced since 2007, the contactless method of payment actually took off around 2012 when the transport system and fast food restaurants introduced contactless terminals to reduce their queue times.

iv) Mobile Payments (Apple Pay & Google Pay)
Mobile payment systems like Apple Pay and Android Pay are quite new to the payment industry. They work roughly the same way as contactless, only with a few tweaks here and there.

For all these reasons and many more, it is quite evident that any business owner who desires to double the footfalls at their premise, extend better customer experience and win their loyalty for a long time to come, they will consider getting a PDQ machine for their business at the earliest.

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