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Touch2Success provide takeaways and restaurants across the United Kingdom with Online Ordering Systems, Websites and EPOS Systems integrated with an Online Ordering Mobile App and an Online Payment Gateway. We provide our clients with top-of-the-range hardware with FREE software updates and features, integrated online to your own website which we will create for you for absolutely free! Making it a fast, easy and convenient. By using our services you will save time and money, not only that, we also have a 0% commission policy!

Touch2Success provides online ordering websites and Epos Systems to the food industry’s takeaways and restaurants across the United Kingdom. Unlike most companies that provide these solutions, we have a 0% commission policy so to ensure our clients can really benefit and really grow their businesses. We believe having your own website for your takeaway is key, ensuring you have long-term control over your online business, not just short-term. We don’t charge commission on any orders. The more orders you get, the more for you, we don’t charge you anything on the orders you receive!

Its in your best interest to transition to online ordering if you haven't already done so, statistics show customers are turning to online ordering rather than picking up the phone, its more convenient and easy to place their order online, while reassuring them their food will be delivered or collected exactly the way they want it. Theres more than 20 commission based-third-party companies in the UK that charge commission on every order you receive. Touch2Success offer a unique approach, an entire package for a small weekly fee.

Third party companies will simply place your menu on their website along with other takeaways in your local area, promoting other takeaways and restaurants to your customers, making them less likely to order from you. As this method encourages your customers to go to other takeaways. This is where having your own unique online ordering website comes in, allowing your customers to order their takeaway directly from you. Your always in control of your customers this way.

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The Epos system comes with some of the latest features to improve and expand your business, features such as “pay by link”, “loyalty points” are just a couple of outstanding features we have to offer that will drive your business to success...

Having the Touch2Success EPOS System gives you peace of mind as your business is in safe hands. We employ staff all across the country so we are always near to assist whenever you require it. We provide all the hardware and takeaway software. This alone costs thousands of pounds. However, a small setup fee is required for the hardware.

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