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Unfortunately, due to some technical issues yesterday, you might have received multiple messages from our takeaway partners. We want you to know it was unintended and we highly regret the inconvenience caused. We only intended to send SMS on behalf of the food outlets you had previously used, and no data has been directly shared with other food outlets you have not used in the past.

When it was discovered, we immediately shut down our SMS service and contacted our SMS provider to cancel any pending messages. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the service, we were unable to prevent or cancel any SMS that had been queued.

We found out that the error occurred due to a developer's oversight in clearing the numbers sent via the SMS Scheduler on each iteration. For example, given 3 stores (A, B, C) have messages scheduled for 100 numbers each. Due to the error, store A's message was sent to 100, Store B's message was sent to store A's 100 numbers, plus the original intended 100 (total 200). Store C's message went to A, B and C's numbers (total 300). The issue has been patched and an additional mechanism has been put in place to prevent such issues happening again.

Once again our sincere apologies. We have informed the ICO of the situation and will continue to liaise with them.

In case of further queries do not hesitate to contact us.
01782 444282