Mr Mohammed Shabeer
from Rupeyal Spice Grill

Mohammed Shabeer talks about how he was reluctant to go for the Touch2Success EPOS system, and the success its brought to his business since it was first installed. Mohammed Shabeer is one of our first customers from Stoke on Trent.

from Maliks Indian

“I was one of the first takeaways to have the Touch2Success Takeaway Software, it gave me a huge advantage over my competition, after having the software for just a couple of weeks we began to get a large amount of online orders and our competitors began to notice. The software made taking order easy and it wasn’t long before we were taking all our orders through the system.”

from Papas Fast Food

“The real reason why I wanted this system was to give my business a professional look. However after only a few weeks I noticed the benefits that this system is providing me. I have now increased my orders dramatically and my online orders are coming in on a regular basis. The system is so easy to use and much more efficient than anything else I have seen before. It allows me to send text messages which help a lot when am promoting a new product or have a special offer.

from Burlsey Fast Food

“I originally tried Touch2Success to see what all the hype was about, after been recommended to it by a friend. I was interested in how the online takeaway website would bring in more orders. I wasn’t sure which company to go to as there were other company’s on the market where they would put your menu on their website and charge a commission per order. Lucky for me I made the right move and had my own website as am getting roughly 30% orders online. This would have cost me a fortune if I had gone with them commission based company’s.”

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