Pizza software system

So you own a fast food or a pizzeria? Do you have your own pizza software system? Are you satisfied by it? Update your business and your takeaway system with the help of our software! Tens of features await you, displayed on a colourful and bright touch screen and they are so easy to access and to use that you barely need any knowledge of the apparatus.

Of course, the whole pizza software system comes with installation instructions and provided that you should encounter difficulties in using it, you can always resort to the manual. But it will rarely (if never) be the case to use it. You can now receive orders from the internet, allow your customers to pay online using their credit cards or PayPal accounts, and you can even keep track of the whole activity of the pizzeria while you are on the other side of the world! Now, can your pizza software system do that?

Another advantage that we bring with our pizza software system is that of money. We hate working on commission – this is why all our products are rented on a small weekly fee of £25. This way you can save money and enjoy the software at its fullest!


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