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Are you looking for the best online order system for your restaurant or fast food?

Here are a few indications that you may have found just the right system for you:

  • If you need a system that uses top-notch technology but is super-simple to use…
  • If you want an online order system that does not charge you commissions for online orders…
  • If you are looking for a system that can help you organize your staff
  • If you need a system to stay in touch with customers through features such as Online Order Tracking or iPhone App…
  • If you want an online ordering website that is directly linked to the online order system
  • If you would like to have a system that can noticeably increase your profits and reduce marketing costs

…if you’re looking for an all-in-one online ordering system like the one described above, then Touch2Success is what you’re looking for.

With this system you receive a free complementary website that is unique to your business. The website enables you to received online orders.

Why are online orders so important to your restaurant or fast food business?

More and more people prefer to take their lunch at work or on the go. So instead of waiting in line to place their food orders, they can simply place their order online; by the time they arrive at your restaurant they have their food hot and waiting for them.

The online order system truly opens up your business to numerous marketing possibilities. The online order feature is not the only one that’s going to make your life easier: practically, your entire business will be online, on your website, giving people the chance to choose between menus, see the photo gallery, or just keep in touch with you through reviews and feedback.

Work out how much you could save ↓
Online Orders P/W Commission your paying What our customers pay Savings each year
40 £66 per week £15 per week £2,856
60 £99 per week £15 per week £4,704
120 £198 per week £15 per week £10,248
160 £264 per week £15 per week £13,944

* Base on 52 Week working year.

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