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The Statistics feature of this new application is aimed at improving the way companies take orders electronically. It is developed in such a way as to provide a boost in the fast food industry and help you get the most of your business.

How will this feature help me improve my business?
With Statistics you get a daily turnover of the goods you sell. The system calculates it automatically and thus you can constantly monitor your business’ productivity.

How does Statistics work?
The feature provides key information on deliveries, collections and front orders and you always have the print option available. Using clear, colourful and easy to understand pie charts, the system offers accurate statistics on payments, orders and everything related to your business. It shows you the type and number of orders as well as their value. It also displays statistics on cash and card payments, and lets you know how many orders were made online, via phone, front or collection.

Another great feature in the Statistics option, is that it keeps a list of your customers and remembers the new customers who order. It records their name, address and the date they ordered, as well as their choice of food and invoice. The feature will show you the percentage of cash and card payments, as well as the type of the order (Online/Phone/Front/Collection) in a nice, clear table.
This helps you keep track of your customer’s preferences and can be a great tool in improving the delivery time.

What if I want to reset my statistics? This will be no problem. The system allows you to reset your company’s statistics at the touch of a button. Everything will start from zero with the same accuracy and proficiency as before.



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