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Your very own personalised email address, where customers can leave questions and comments.

The system provides you with your own e-mail address. You can write to your customers and they can write to you, asking questions and commentaries about your activity. By far, this is the most useful feature when talking about keeping in touch with your clientele.

What’s the importance of e-mails?

Nowadays, all the major information is passed by on the internet. People no longer use their phones for mere conversations, but they prefer smart phones from which they can rapidly access the internet and check their e-mails. Furthermore, e-mails are the new letters. Sending an e-mail is faster and cheaper than writing and delivering a letter.

E-mails are great for maintaining a close relationship with your customers, of knowing their preferences, their likes and dislikes about your fast-food or pizzeria. The comments and suggestions that your get from them via e-mails can help you to constantly improve the way your company works, to better re-organize everything and to do everything that is possible to meet the requirements of your clients.

By purchasing our software system and our online ordering website, you will be given your own, personalized e-mail address. Complete your arsenal of features with this distinctive option!


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