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The photo gallery shows customers the food you provide. You can upload photos to your website instantly.

Wouldn’t you want everybody to see the welcoming atmosphere that surrounds your business? Or maybe to make an idea about the delicious plates that are being served in your restaurant? The Photo Gallery feature on your online ordering website will to do exactly this!

Share your photos with your customers!

Let your customers know you better. You can upload photos of you and your staff, of your fancy restaurant or Delicious fast-food. The customers will appreciate your transparency, as well as your desire to come closer to them. Let the photos speak for you!

In your Photo Gallery you can display some of the most delicious dishes your chefs prepare. Tempt your customers with mouth-watering images of your menus and at the same time help them decide upon what they want to eat.

The Photo Gallery is a powerful marketing tool. If you know how to use it, it’ll bring you profit and appreciation from your customers. Don’t forget that nowadays, people prefer to see a photo than read the description of a dish – fulfill their desire and allow them to see what you do and how you do it!


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