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The live support feature allows your customers to contact the website support team directly and we will deal with any technical issues concerning the website or any problems with payment. The live support operates when you need it the most.

The Live Support feature comes in handy for every visitor that experiences technical issues on your online ordering website. The feature, however, does not cover issues regarding menus, prices and other features on the site as this is your domain only and we cannot provide pertinent information about your company.

What does Live Support do anyway? Well, it is a feature that allows your visitors to clear up any possible issues they encounter with the site. These issues are of technical nature, such as issues regarding online payment.

The feature introduces the visitor into a live chat room, where he or she will be put in contact with one of our team’s members. Providing live information and communication with a real person helps solve any issues faster than any other program or robot. On your site, the visitors can access the Live Support button and ask for help.


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