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Automatically receive a text message when an online order has not been accepted. All orders are delivered directly to you without going through us, as a result, if any orders do not get delivered we have an automatic late order notification that alerts you of an order that has not been sent. This ensures all orders are accepted even if there is an internet connection issue.

We know you have been looking for a way in which to avoid late orders, mixing up the orders and forgetting about orders. Forgetting is typically human and it is something natural. Unfortunately, it is unforgiveable and unprofessional for a company to simply forget about their orders – the most important element in the fast-food business.

How can we help you? For every order that happens to pass unnoticed you get an alert informing you about the situation. The order is not processed by our team, but goes directly to you, so time is not wasted. We have focused on helping you gain time and work at a fast pace, so all the information about late orders goes directly to you.

You will receive all your orders even in the case of internet connection issues. Having internet connection problems is a possible scenario, this is why it is best to always have a plan B, and Late Order Notification does exactly that.

Don’t let your customers wait endlessly for their delivery! Make sure that you are up to date and that you receive every order that is sent to you. The Late Order Notification is just the thing you needed to never miss an order!


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