Franchise Management

We provide comprehensive support for franchises including postcode search that will direct their customers to the nearest branch that deliver to them. We can also provide a store page for each store using the same domain and can redirect the customers back to the homepage on their own website.

One of our preferred activities includes providing support for franchises. For a franchisor, the franchise is a better alternative to chain stores. Europe has met franchise flourishing during the past years, especially in the fast-food domain.

If you own a chain of fast-food or pizzerias, we can help you promote your business wisely. Our services include postcode search and store page for each store. Through postcode search we make sure to provide the customers with the nearest branch that makes deliveries to their address. We introduce the feature on your online ordering website where clients can introduce their postcode. The system analyzes their address and suggests the nearest store to them.

If the company owns an online website, we use the same domain to create a different page for each store. The clients can visit the information on the store and then they have the possibility of returning on the site’s homepage. This way you can provide information on every store and you allow your customers to visualize it from the same domain.

Franchise Management is not as complicated as it sounds. However, if you are of this opinion, then we suggest to let the professionals (meaning us) deal with it. We promise not to let you down!


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