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Select which drivers take what deliveries and calculate the total amount of cash your drivers owe you at the end of each shift.

We know how hard it is to keep evidence of your drivers and the deliveries they take and honour. This is why we have incorporated into our software the Driver Takings feature, which helps you supervise your drivers.

Why do you need this feature? With the help of this feature you have a list of all your drivers and you know exactly how many orders they delivered, where they delivered them and how much money they owe you.

You can always reset the data or delete information about a driver. The feature provides accurate statistics about your drivers’ deliveries, but whenever you want to start over, just press the “Reset” button and everything will start from the beginning.

The feature separates each driver, so there is no possibility to mistake one driver for another. According to the number of deliveries they completed, you will know how hardworking they are and you will be able to reward them accordingly. After all, everybody deserves to know their work is appreciated and valued.


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