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Let customers leave reviews on your website. Plus you can pick and choose what reviews you want show.

There is no better publicity than the one provided directly by your customers. Allow your clients to post reviews about your fast-food takeaway or pizzeria directly on your online ordering website.

How can my customers leave reviews? Whenever they order from your website, they can write their opinions about your services on the site’s wall. There is a special “Customer Reviews” corner, dedicated especially to them. Not only you can thank them through messages and coupons, but now they can pay you back and inform you about what is great in your business and what could use a bit of improvement.

Will all the reviews be made public? No. You can select the reviews you want to be shown on the website. If there are any mean messages, you can simply delete them and they will not appear on your website’s wall.

Customer Reviews feature shows to possible customers opinions about your service coming directly from your regular customers. Being suggested as a trustworthy company by a customer provides an positive opinion and a great plus to your business. You do not have to boast about your services; let your clients do it for you!


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