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See visual representation of your customers who have ordered online, it also shows the most recently customers who’ve ordered and customers who haven’t ordered in a while.

How much time has passed since a customer last placed an order? with the help of Customer Map facility, you know exactly who has ordered, from where and how long ago. A friendly screen makes it easy for you to displays all your customers’ locations, as well as the date of their last online order.

How do I know who ordered recently? The customers are represented through green and red dots. The green dots indicate customers who have ordered recently, while the red dot shows customers who haven’t ordered in a while.

How is this helpful to me? With the help of this feature you can make a list of customers to send a message. For example, if the customers haven’t ordered in a month, you can send them a message and inform them on your latest offers. If customers have ordered recently, you can send them a “Thank You!” message or you can give them a discount coupon as a sign of your gratitude and appreciation, which will keep them coming back.


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