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Take card transactions online. Major credit/debit cards are accepted such as MasterCard and Visa.

Nowadays, people rely more and more on their credit cards. Being able to pay using your credit card is sometimes a decisive option in choosing to become a regular client for a certain fast-food company. Since customers are allowed to place their orders online via your ordering website, the Credit Card Facility is included.

Whenever placing an online order, your customers will be given the opportunity to pay their order using their credit cards. The software allows them to pay with both credit and debit cards and accepts both MasterCard and Visa.

How is this helpful to you? Since the customer has already paid for their order, there is no possibility that they will not accept a delivery. Until now, the customer may have rejected an order because of various reasons. You were left with an unpaid order and a useless drive to the customers address. But now you don’t have to worry anymore about customers changing their minds.

Moreover, your drivers will not have to work directly with money; they simply deal with order delivery.

Take advantage of the Credit Card facility – it allows your customers to pay directly on your order website, and makes both your work and your staff’s easier!



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