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Creating coupon codes allows your takeaway to send special offers to customers, for example 10% off all orders. This helps your takeaway to increase its regular customers.

Do you want to impress your customers? Do you want your new customers to become regular ones? Of course you do! This is the main target for every fast-food owner. But how can you achieve these goals?

Our brand new software allows you to pay attention to your customers and to reward them for their loyalty with the help of the Coupons feature. Every customer will be more than happy to receive a 10% discount on their delicious order. Whether he or she is a newcomer or a usual consumer, your gesture will surely not pass unnoticed.

How do they function? The theory behind the Coupons system is easy and practical: you offer a 10% discount coupon to whoever you think deserves it. The coupon has a unique code on it and whenever the client feels like they want to place an online order they can, entering the code from their coupon on the site, right next to their order. The system will then inform you about the order and the offer.

Sharing these coupons ensures that customers will not be able to place two orders using the same coupon.


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