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Allow your chefs in the kitchen to see the current orders that you have, this is synchronised with your front screen and allows them to quickly go through the orders and see what food they need to prepare.

The feature is a must in every restaurant kitchen. It displays information on the orders that you have and helps your chefs to better organise their work. Forget about chefs that mix up the orders or about late orders! With the Bake Line feature none of this will happen.

How does it work? The Bake Line feature is synchronized with the front screen. This allows the staff in the kitchen to stay updated with all the orders that you get. The orders are numbered and as soon as the chef has finished preparing a dish, he can move on to the next order. Everything is displayed in a clean table, thus the chefs will have no problem in preparing the right food at the right time.

What options does it include? A table displays the orders, the number of portions and their cost. The total amount is shown underneath, and the client’s address is displayed above the table.

When the chef has finished preparing the dish he or she simply presses the “Done Order” button and the program automatically moves on to the next order.

Keep your staff current with the orders and help them get the food to your customers as soon as possible!


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