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More and more, takeaway customers are using their mobile devices to order their takeaway treats.  We already provide responsive websites that change size to work on any device but now, we create app’s for our customers as well.

We will always recommend that you use both.  At the moment, around 30% of customers prefer to order via app with 70% being happy to use a well designed and easy to use responsive website.  By catering for both, you are in a position to capture 100% of your available market and get as many orders as possible.

We’ll have you on the iOS and Android stores in a matter of days and help you promote your app to your customers.  When customers download the app, they are making a decision to have you, their favorite takeaway on their most treasured possession.

To order your app today……… Please contact sales for details on 020 300 20 731

*iPhone and iPad are Trademarked by Apple inc. Galaxy s6 and Samsung Logo are Trademarked and copyrighted by Samsung Group.

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