EPOS software for takeaway

Did you know that you can get EPOS software for takeaway? Take a look at our modern software which comprises lots of features and provides access to the latest technology: applications for smartphones and tablets, the possibility to place and pay for online orders and many more features await you the moment you purchase our EPOS software for takeaway.

It is no fresh news that people can nowadays use their gadgets for business-related purposes. These devices have the interesting power of being able to mould themselves after the needs of their users. Therefore, it is now possible to turn your iPad, for example, into EPOS software for takeaway. It is now possible to use your iPhone not only for navigating on the internet but also for placing online orders and for paying online with the help of your credit cards or PayPal account.

Our EPOS software for takeaway encourages and supports all these actions and besides it provides many other useful features. We have designed it with the basic needs of a fast-food or a restaurant in mind. This enabled us to spot both the difficulties encountered in such an environment and the potential of technology of solving these issues and even of bringing improvements.

Care About EPOS System Cost?

At the Moment, Our system is only available only for rent, we do not sell our system due to the large amount of new features that we introduce, the amount of support we provide and also with the ongoing maintenance costs. The rental cost for our full system is £25 per week which is exceptionally low for the service we provide. There are no hidden charges and no commission to pay so this complete package will cost you £25 per week. Please bear in mind that with this system you can get unlimited amount of online orders whereas some companies would charge you 12% commission on each order.

From this £25 per week, £15 will go towards the merchant account providers, DATMAN LTD.  They will provide you with a payment gateway which will be integrated into your website, allowing you to take card payments over the phone and on your website.

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